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                                                          Phil Stringer  Dr. Phil Stringer    

    Dr. Phil Stringer
has been in full-time ministry for 41 years and has served as a youth pastor, evangelist, college professor and administrator, and pastor. He was ordained by the Lifegate Baptist Church in 1975, and pastored the Ravenswood Baptist Church of Chicago. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Bible degree from Indiana Baptist College in 1975, received a Masters degree in Christian Education from Freedom University in 1980, a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English Bible from Landmark Baptist College in 1997, and a Doctor of Religious Education degree from the American Bible College in 2004. His writings on the history of Baptists are excellent, and demonstrate conclusively that Baptists are not Protestants. He is also a recognized authority on the origins, inspiration, and preservation of the Bible. We present here messages he has delivered at our church for the help and edification of God's people everywhere.


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FOR - Salvation Is Precious Because Christ Died FOR Us!
07/22/18 PS-1 PS-1
Final Authority or Flexible Authority?
07/22/18 PS-2 PS-2
Why We Know That The King James Bible Is The Preserved Word Of God 07/23/18 PS-3 PS-3
Baptist Distinctives
07/24/18 PS-4 PS-4
The Origin Of The Baptists And How God Has Used Them In The World
07/25/18 PS-5 PS-5

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