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Your Help Is Needed -

    Our church is small, and our resources, humanly speaking, are too. But ours is a BIG God!

    We saw God carry us through and meet our needs in 2017, and we know that He will help us as we face the financial needs of 2018, too, including:

* Meeting our weekly expenses.
* Facility Repairs & Upgrades.
* Renovation of our parsonage.


Your kind, tax-deductible donations to help our church's ministry are deeply appreciated and sincerely needed!

If you feel led of the Lord to help us, you may send your tax-deductible contribution to us at:

South Heights Baptist Church
23 East Wells Boulevard
Sapulpa, Oklahoma  74066

    You may also send your donation using your own personal ONLINE BILL PAYING SERVICE! Simply make out your gift like you would when making a bill payment, then specify the recipient as being South Heights Baptist Church at the address shown above. Your financial institution will send your check directly to us via the U.S. Mail. It's quick, gives you a record of your gift, and secure!


 Thank you very much, and may God richly bless you for helping us!

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