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                                      Cathey  Dr. Sam Cathey    

Born in Camden, Arkansas in 1934, Sam Cathey was the last of 13 children. At the age of 17, he was called to pastor his first church, the newly-established Grace Baptist Mission near Camden. He served as pastor of churches in Arkansas, Michigan, and Oklahoma before being called into vocational evangelism in 1967. His strong, direct preaching became his hallmark, and his messages on Spiritual Warfare are unsurpassed in their practical, helpful application of a subject typically overlooked by modern pastors. "Papa Sam" went to be with the Lord on March 8, 2016.


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The Sin Of Not Attending Church
Preached at South Heights Baptist Church  - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
June, 1996
SC-1 SC-1
Spiritual Warfare, Part 1
1997 SC-2 SC-2
Spiritual Warfare, Part 2 1997 SC-3 SC-3
Spiritual Warfare, Part 3 1997 SC-4 SC-4
Spiritual Warfare, Part 4 1997 SC-5 SC-5
Trials And Tribulations

SC-6 SC-6
Trials - Terror or Triumph?

SC-7 SC-7
The Trickery Of Trials

SC-8 SC-8
Breaking The Snare Of The Devil

SC-9 SC-9
Winning With The Word

SC-10 SC-10
The Peril Of Presumptuous Sin

SC-11 SC-11
The Condition Of A Carnal Christian

SC-12 SC-12
Why Ships Sink

SC-13 SC-13
Grieve Not The Spirit

SC-14 SC-14
The Prayer Of A Godly Mother
SC-15 SC-15

We've Got To Get It Right - As To What A Believer Really Is

SC-16 SC-16

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