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Here Are Some Links That We Pray Will Bless Your Life:

   King James Bible Online - Click Here To Read The King James Bible Online!

Click Here Click Here To Take The
                                        Spiritual Gift Analysis SurveyTo Discover Your Spiritual Gift Online!

Listen to NightSounds   
 - Listen to "Nightsounds" with Bill Pearce - excellent music and spiritual insights.

Listen to Abiding Radio

  -  Listen to Abiding Radio - beautiful, Christ-honoring sacred vocal, instrumental, and seasonal music. They also have KIDS MUSIC! You'll want to stream Abiding Radio 24/7 through your computer to your home, office, or other audio device!

                            Advance - Stillwater, Oklahoma - one of the BEST men's meetings to be found anywhere! 
Heartland Baptist Bible College
                                    Homepage  - Heartland Baptist Bible College.

Institute for Creation Research
                                  Homepage  - Institute for Creation Research - excellent!
                                          website  - - great resource for conservative baptists

NCFIC Homepage  - Help for churches and Christian families.

Voice of the Martyrs Homepage  - Modern Christian martyrs. A MUST SEE!

Duggar Family Homepage  - Our Friends The Duggar's In Arkansas.

Solve Family
                                  Problems - Dr. S. M. Davis' Website: help for families in trouble!

Living Waters Website  - Ray Comfort's website, Living Waters. Excellent resource!

Wallbuilders Homepage  - Information about America's Godly Heritage.

Eric Barger's Homepage  - Eric Barger's Take A Stand Ministry.

Small Church Music Website
- SMALLCHURCHMUSIC.COM is a ministry of Pastor Clyde McLennan of Perth, Australia. He has recorded himself playing hymns on the piano and (real!) pipe organ for use as an accompaniment to congregational singing. Just download, burn a CD, and they're ready to use! He also has them recorded in MIDI and video formats, too! Especially helpful to churches who do not have an accompanist, these recordings can also be downloaded and recorded onto a disc for use as background music for your home, car, etc. Our deepest thanks to Pastor McLennan for this invaluable resource!

Wholesomewear Homepage  - Tired of immodest swimwear? Here's help for you!

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