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Schedule of Services
South Heights Baptist Church
Sapulpa, Oklahoma


    At South Heights Baptist Church, we believe that there is more to the Christian life than to merely "go to church" once a week. In other words, we believe that being a member of a local church is about growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, everything we do is geared towards helping that become a reality in the lives of our people. One of the most important things we do is to assemble together weekly for prayer, Bible study, and spiritual encouragement. 

    Here is a list of our regularly scheduled activities:

Weekly -


10:50 a.m. -  Morning Bible Study Hour
  6:30 p.m. -  Evening Bible Study Hour


7:00 p.m. -  Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

Spring -

* April 6 - 10: "SPRING BIBLE & PROPHECY CONFERENCE" with Dr. Phil Stringer
* April 29 & 30: Men's Advance in Stillwater, Oklahoma


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