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Here are some pictures of our church for you to enjoy!

Here's a view from the outside during the Fall:


Here's a view from the outside during one of our ice storms a few years ago:

Here's a view of the inside of our auditorium from the back (where most Baptists sit):


Here's one from the rear corner:


Here's one from the rear corner, decorated for Christmas:

SHBC, Christmas, 2017

Here are some of the guest preachers we've been blessed to have:

Dr. Phil Stringer preaching at

    Dr. Phil Stringer, Vice-President of Dayspring Bible College & Seminary, preaching on the inerrancy, infallibility, and preservation of God's Holy Word.

Bro. Rodney Woodcock

    Evangelist Rodney Woodcock preaches a revival here every year. His messages are a real blessing and encouragement!

    Dr. Ray Meier chalk talk

    Dr. Ray Meier has been with us many times. Here is a picture of him presenting a "Chalk Talk" about the Wise Men at Christmas time.

          Bro. Mike

    Bro. Mike Rasberry. A former Marine, he has been a pastor, missionary, and witness for Christ all over the world. He is now pastoring Faithway Baptist Church in Stonewall, Mississippi.

Bro. Gary Cate

    Bro. Gary Cate from Collinsville, Oklahoma  

Some pictures of our Fellowship Dinners:


We'll Be Adding More Pictures Soon, So Come Back And Give Us A Look!


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