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Here are some pictures of our church for you to enjoy!

Here's a view from the outside during the Fall:


Here's a view from the outside during one of our ice storms a few years ago:

Here's a view of the inside of our auditorium from the back (where most Baptists sit):


Here's one from the rear corner:

Here's one from the rear corner, decorated for Christmas:

SHBC, Interior, Christmas 2020

Here are some of the guest preachers we've been blessed to have:
Dr. Phil Stringer preaching at

Dr. Phil Stringer, Vice-President of Dayspring Bible College & Seminary, preaching on the inerrancy, infallibility, and preservation of God's Holy Word.

Bro. Rodney Woodcock
                                          preaching at SHBC

    Evangelist Rodney Woodcock preaches a revival here every year. His messages are a real blessing and encouragement!

    Dr. Ray Meier chalk talk

    Dr. Ray Meier has been with us many times. Here is a picture of him presenting a "Chalk Talk" about the Wise Men at Christmas time.

                                          Mike Rasberry

Bro. Mike Rasberry. A former Marine, he has been a pastor, missionary, and witness for Christ all over the world. He is now pastoring Faithway Baptist Church in Stonewall, Mississippi.

We'll Be Adding More Pictures Soon, So Come Back And Give Us A Look!


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