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 Our Men's Ministry 

We Believe That a Healthy Church Will Be Characterized by Many Things, One of Which Is The Active Participation in the Services and Ministries of that Church by Their Men. To That End, We Provide Several Opportunities for Our Men and Boys to Grow in Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord Together, and in Service to Him.

MEN'S PRAYER GROUP - Every week at 5:30 pm, our men and older boys meet for a time of sharing prayer requests, followed by concentrated prayer. This is a special time that helps knit the hearts of our men together in Christ, and encourages them to a deeper walk with Him.

MEN'S WORK DAYS - These are special days, scheduled as needed, when our men (and often our older boys) gather together to work on some project around the church.

Men's Advance -
                                              Stillwater, Oklahoma

- Every year, we take our men to the MEN'S ADVANCE in Stillwater, Oklahoma, hosted by Bible Baptist Church. It is one of the BEST men's meetings to be found anywhere!

    If you have any questions about our Men's Ministry, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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