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Our Weekly Church Newsletter, The REMINDER, is now available online!

It contains articles, information, Bible studies, and weekly news about what's going on in our church!
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Reminder for week of 12/26/21 - * “THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS WALKING, NOT FLYING by Evangelist David Cloud. Plus NEWS OF INTEREST TO CHRISTIANS:  > God Laughs at Man’s Rebellion; > Faithfulness to Hebrew and Greek Is Why The KJV Is an Excellent Translation; > Maxine Waters Preaches Politics from Pulpit Same Day as Trump, Woke Evangelicals Don’t Care; > Dressed in Priestly Garb, Beth Moore Delivers Eucharist at Her New Anglican Church; > False Prophetess, Kat Kerr, Says Christmastown in Heaven Is Where Santa Clause Lives; & > Canada Passes Legislation Making it Illegal for Christians to Persuade Homosexuals to Repent. * A Christian illustration about the birth of Christ.
Reminder for week of 12/19/21 -
* “I LOVE CHRISTMAS (ADAPTED FROM DR. JOHN R. RICE) by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr. Plus NEWS OF INTEREST TO CHRISTIANS: > Rational Suicide; & > Champion of the “Good Divorce” Ends Her Life. * Two Christian illustrations.
Reminder for week of 12/12/21 - * A beautiful Christmas story entitled, ANGELS ONCE IN AWHILE”. * Two Christmas poems - "GOD'S GIFT" and "I'M SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH JESUS CHRIST THIS YEAR". * Two Christian illustrations.